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Founder and CEO Karl Bissinger was in the management of the Amiantit Group for more than 14 years, one of the world's largest manufacturers of GRP pipes. Starting as managing director of the Amiantit Pipe Service Company Austria and from the end of 2004 as sales and technical director of Amitech Germany GmbH Germany.

In 2006, he took over the management of the German subsidiary with about 230 employees and, in addition to the commercial management, played a key role in the expansion of the location. In addition to mechanical engineering, this included developing new formulations for the production of GRP pipes.

In 2009, as Sales Director, Karl Bissinger took over the management of all sales units, including all sales departments, and in collaboration with the research and development department in Norway developed a completely new type of clutch for GRP pipes and introduced this new technical achievement to all Group locations.

After leaving the management of Amiantit, he took over the management of Budaplast Kft in Hungary, a producer of special GRP profiles.

As a trained mechanical engineer with a focus on plastics engineering, Karl Bissinger is familiar with the material GFK and has the professional experience and technical know-how to identify damage to piping and to assign it to the cause.

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